Portrait Day (13)

8. Juli 2013

Behind the clouds

Sitting out there in the sunny shining roses bright light sensuel. And, of the roses shadow darkside, mooving slowly in the little wind, makes me thinking drift the moments into past and future melting, like a marriage  each other. Is this summer now a new one? A new start, hoping not to be alone? Lonely eating outside, oily ravioli. Drinking water, premium origional from deep recources.  Never mind. When this shadow, reflecting just to late, for this only rose in the sunny light.  Shadow vanish? Or stay? What is contrast? Make a flower angel fly so high? All the beauty her,  need the shadow side also? Alone she flys behind the other side of clouds, in sunny skys without a whisper. Lonely in the air so fresh and far. So far, without a shadow whisper, silent left, in my ear.   http://gü



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