chasing man

Chasing man

1. März 2013

It was beautiful, to sail with you in happy water ocean, deep and blue.

And, if you will, I stay your water maker man, he said.

Ha, he loves her center skin and diving in her eyes so deep and blue.

And if she wants, he stays her water maker man, he said.

Driftin` boats in love, never ever ment to sail so far out there, exotic toutch her neckless skin.

The boat is only done, he said and swallowed all her breath of missing dreams.

Hey, he feels her sweet surrender charming gloved hands, hot and red, so deep and blue.

Her little feets will ever walk on water ocean by his side, she thinks inside.

Up there, sailing nightly, falling stars they catch each other, deep and blue.

But on Friday, chasing shadows, never fall in love again.

Unterentfelden (CH), 01.03.2013


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